Changes to our 2020-2021 10-Month Leadership Program
(June 15, 2020)

To be responsive to the uncertainty posed by the ongoing pandemic, Leadership Saskatoon has made the decision to move a hybrid delivery method for our Class of 2021.

Some common questions:

  1. Why is Leadership Saskatoon doing this? The pandemic is creating uncertainty for many educational providers and their students. We are following the lead of many of our peers in providing a blended learning option. The safety of our participants, volunteers and supporters is of primary importance to us.
  2. What does hybrid delivery mean? It means that a portion of the course will take place online. We are currently planning for the program content from September through December 2020 (including orientation & opening retreat) to be delivered via a live, interactive online format. Content from January 2021 forward will be delivered in-person.
  3. Will this change the content or what I learn? We will be making a few tweaks to some of our content to make it better suited for live, online delivery. That said, the overall arc and theme of the programming will remain the same as will the major leadership topics and concepts we teach in the program.
  4. Will this change the number of training hours or days? Not much. The program will largely take place on the same dates and at the same times as originally planned. Given the new online format for opening retreat we have slightly decreased the time requirement for this component to better suit a live online experience. See the revised program schedule here.
  5. Will I still be matched with a mentor? Yes.
  6. I applied for a CanSask job grant. Will these changes affect my grant? The program is still CanSask eligible. If you have applied or will be applying to the CanSask program, please contact our office and we will provide you with supporting documentation to advise them of these changes.
  7. Is the tuition rate the same? Yes. Our tuition costs reflect the quality of education provided by our program and help us cover the costs required to adapt it to an online format.
  8. Has Leadership Saskatoon delivered online content before? Yes. We held the last three months of our 2019-2020 program year online due to the health restrictions that were in place. We even held our graduation event online - with a speaker from San Francisco! We are also now offering some of our other programs online such as our popular Lunch & Learn series. The uptake from our audience has been fantastic!
  9. What if there are changes to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan and we have to put restrictions back in place? We are preparing so that all of our program content can be delivered online if necessary. While this isn’t our preferred choice (because we want to see your smiling faces!) we plan to be prepared so we can offer a seamless experience if increased social distancing or group restrictions are required again in the future.