Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Leadership Saskatoon. We are now accepting applications for our 2021-2022 Leadership Program.


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Documents Required

The following completed documents should be submitted electronically as part of your application to Leadership Saskatoon:

  1. 1. Application Form
  2. 2. Personal Biography
  3. 3. Two references, each submitted on a Reference Form
External Grants

The Government of Saskatchewan and the Muttart Foundation both offer grants for leadership training. The CanSask Job Grant is intended for employers from the private or not-for-profit sectors. The Muttart Leadership Bursary is for individuals from registered charities working in the field of social services or early childhood education and care.

If you are applying for funding through one of these external agencies, please indicate this on your Leadership Saskatoon application form. These agencies may require an official letter from our office in support of your grant application. Please contact us for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants who are dependant on funding from an external granting program to cover all or a portion of their Leadership Saskatoon tuition fees must be able to demonstrate that their funding has been approved before they will be accepted into our program. *HINT: If this is you, apply for your external funding now!

Submission Checklist

Prior to submitting your application to us please verify the following:

  1. Have you completed the following documents in full?
    • Application Form
    • Personal Biography
    • Two references, each submitted on a Reference Form
  2. Is your NAME included on each document?

Please forward all completed documents (in either word or pdf format) electronically to Leadership Saskatoon at:


When will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

We are looking forward to reviewing your application and will contact you by email to confirm its receipt. All applicants will be notified once selection decisions have been made (July 2021).

If you have any questions, please free to contact us at 306.683.2265 or:

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Founded in 2001, our 10-month leadership development program is our flagship program. It takes new, aspiring and experienced leaders from across the public, private, and non-profit sectors and sets them up for success as leaders in our community. The program is based on a blend of theory, peer engagement and experiential or applied learning.

Our 10-month leadership program is designed to help you:

You will:

Leadership can be learned. Our redesigned curriculum focuses on skills you can apply right away. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Curriculum Redesign for 2020-2021

Over the past year our organization engaged in a curriculum review thanks to a grant from the Community Initiatives Fund. We have listened to our alumni and stakeholders, monitored trends in leadership education, and reflected on the best methods to engage and develop our leaders.

What Did We Add?
What Did We Keep?

Interested in How We Define Community?

Leadership Saskatoon recognizes the value and place of all sectors within a community and believes that leadership intersects all sectors.

We offer an opportunity to learn and practice working interdependently by sharing strategies, insights and best-practices used within each sector to strengthen our community toward a healthier, more vibrant city where all citizens and organizations thrive. Learn more.