Applications are now open for the 2024-2025 Cohort!

Application Deadline extended to June 21, 2024

Leadership Program

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Founded in 2001, our 10-month leadership development program is our flagship program. It takes new, aspiring and experienced leaders from across the public, private, and non-profit sectors and sets them up for success as leaders in our community. The program is based on a blend of theory, peer engagement and experiential or applied learning.

Our 10-month leadership program is designed to help you:

  • Know yourself more deeply as a person.
  • Discover and develop yourself as a leader.
  • Expand your knowledge of how teams function and develop competencies to work effectively within them.
  • Adapt to changing environments and lead through change and complexity.
  • Deepen your understanding of diversity, inclusion, equity, and reconciliation, and how these concepts apply to strengthening and supporting individuals, groups, and teams.
  • Explore different concepts of community, collaboration and collective impact to determine how you can contribute more broadly as a leader.
  • Test, practice and apply your leadership skills in your workplace, family, and communities.
  • Recognize and discover your unique purpose and talents as a leader.

You will:

  • Engage in over 93 hours of immersive leadership training delivered by a team of highly skilled facilitators and coaches.
  • Learn with a diverse cohort of leaders from across the community and join an alumni network of over 500 graduates.
  • Be matched with a community leader who will serve as your mentor during the program.
  • Put your leadership learning into practice by participating on a “learning team” to explore a community issue you are passionate about.
  • Receive a certificate of participation from Leadership Saskatoon and University of Saskatchewan upon completion on the program


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My passion is culture and people. As an authentic leader, I believe that building high performing teams and healthy workplaces begin with culture. To build culture, people need to have the opportunity to explore and discover who they are as leaders. The 10-month program at Leadership Saskatoon provides the opportunity for participants to step into that space. The program is designed to take people on a journey of self-discovery, build relationships in the community, learn and practice transferable skills and, above all else, allow them the space to grow as leaders.  

While in the program, I watched team members in various roles flourish and broaden their perspective.  During my five years as a Director, I’ve heard the following feedback from those that participated in Leadership Saskatoon: 

  • It was a journey that helped me learn and define more of who I am; 
  • The course provided me with the tools to facilitate and drive better outcomes;
  • Greatest take away was the relationships we built and, to this day, still bounce ideas off each other as we continue to grow as leaders; 
  • I have changed the way I approach work activities; I focus on the collaboration of multiple perspectives
  • The beginning was very awkward and uncomfortable, and then the entire course was nothing short of amazing.  It helped me gain confidence in myself
  • Better understand leadership and impacts on people
  • Open to other perspectives and taught me active listening and the importance of crucial conversations I would highly recommend Leadership Saskatoon as a leadership development opportunity for the team. 
Paul Ottmann

Former Director of IT Services, City of Saskatoon


A team of professionals who are committed to leadership development will support and guide participants with group processes that facilitate their leadership journey.


Participants are matched with individuals who have a history of strong leadership to serve as a coach and mentor around leadership.

Learning Teams

Participant teams are formed around passions/interests in community issues, offering the opportunity to explore and share understanding of leadership by looking at real issues, and providing a team experience that will enhance self-awareness and growth.